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Summer House for the End of Summer

The Summer House: A Trilogy - Alice Thomas Ellis

The perfect end-of-summer book, er, three books, since this volume contains three novels: The Clothes in the Wardrobe, The Skeleton in the Cupboard and The Fly in the Ointment. They were not published originally as a single volume, but were intended to be read in sequence. Putting them together, however, is logical.  


Three books. Three women: bride, mother-in-law, loose cannon. Three perspectives.  One event: an extremely droopy pre-wedding week.  


It's terrific. Witty and smart and beautifully structured with an impressive control of point of view. Each woman has her own clear and defining voice as well as her own history and her own conflicts. Although each book stands alone, the combination is delightfully harmonic, adding depth and tone to the work.  


Highly recommended.