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Something for a rain day

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents -  Lemony Snicket

I picked this book up primarily because of Seth's illustrations.  I met Seth a while back at a literary festival and liked him immensely.  His work is terrific.  Besides, Mr. Snicket always makes me laugh.


Okay, it's a kids' book.  No denying that, nor should you try to, for Mr. Snicket will always see through that sort of shoddy rejection as being critically worthless.  Here we have thirteen "Suspicious Incidents".  Young Mr. Snicket is a detective and we follow him right up to the moment when he's about to reveal the culprit.  Then we must guess... or turn to the back of the book for the solution.  


The writing is witty, as always, and I imagine it would be a great deal of fun reading this with a young person, especially the young Sherlock Holmes types.