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Deceptively simple

The Truth about Luck: What I Learned on My Road Trip with Grandma - Iain Reid

On the surface, this book seems a little light -- a young writer without much money, spends time with his 92 year old grandmother.  Meant to be his birthday gift to her the 'trip' is a short on -- from her home in Ottawa to his in Kingston, a smallish Canadian town.  They end up doing little more than hang out. They drink tea, eat soup, go out for the occasional dinner, listen to music and talk.  But, thanks to Reid's terrific dialogue, gentle wit and ability to look past the surface of things, it turns into a lovely, and often very funny, meditation on age, youth, how to appreciate the small things in life, and what it means to care for and respect someone else.  Reid's sincerity and humility make every page gleam.  The stories Grandma tell of her life - including being a nurse on the frontlines of World War II -- are the heart of the narrative.  Reid's ability to avoid clichés, as well as to recognize his grandmother's wisdom and then share it with the reader, makes this a deeply rewarding read.