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A Great Day At The Prison

Some days are just wonderful.  It's My Best Beloved's birthday, and it's Bailey's birthday (our dog, known asThe Rescuepoo), and the hot-off-the-presses copy of my new novel arrived in the mail, which just makes me giddy with grinning . . . . but. . . the most wonderful thing about today happened in a prison.


A woman who works with the terrific organization People and Stories wrote to me a few weeks ago and asked if I remember a student I'd had from my prison classes a couple of years back, whom I'll call John.  Of course, I did remember him.  He'd been in prison for a long time, although he was still young. He was also funny, smart, kind, enthusiastic about writing (and pretty much everything else), optimistic (against all odds in a place like that), filled with a joyful faith. . . in short, he was a pretty good guy.  I don't have all the facts about what landed him in prison, so I won't go into that, but suffice it to say it had to do with being felony stupid, and full of the sort of bad luck and bad judgement endemic to fifteen-year-olds that results in long prison terms.


Well, John has now been transferred to a facility which acts as a transition between prison and halfway house. Still very much a prison, but no quite so grim as where he was. While there, he's been taking part in the People and Stories program.  The first day of class, he asked if she knew me, and as happens, she does.  (I've done work with People and Stories before.) John spoke fondly of me, apparently, and of the work we did together in the writing class.  He's been writing.  He's excited about going home . . . and ... well, would I, this woman asked, be willing to come and lead a session before he's released?  Would I?  Absolutely. . . .


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