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The Big Why: A Novel

The Big Why: A Novel - Michael Winter I will leave the summaries to others - and say simply: What a wonderful book! Not only is his depiction of Brigus, Newfoundland delightfully evocative and as colorful as it deserves, but Michael Winter's voice is like no other. In my opinion it's hard as hell to properly depict Newfoundland -- to balance the beauty, the humor, the hardscrabble life, the dangers of living off the North Atlantic sea and the strength, resourcefulness, and pain of its people. Winter makes it look easy. His originality and ability to dig deep into his characters' motivations (as well as their blind spots) is inspiring. If, like me, you agree with Chekhov that the job of the writer is not to provide answers, but to properly frame the question, then this book will delight you, for Winter has pulled it off flawlessly. And did I mention he's funny as hell? Well done, boy!