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Hard Light

Hard Light - Michael Crummey In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that I consider Newfoundland writer Michael Crummey a friend. In fact, he's someone for whom I have enormous admiration, not only professionally, but personally. Now, this might lead you to believe that I would give him a good review on the basis of my affection for him. Not so. I would decline from reviewing his work, but I wouldn't lie. And so, it is with great delight, that I am able to post a positive review here. Great delight indeed.Crummey's "Hard Light" is a collection of short stories, and I mean really short, none longer than a page and a half, and a number of poems. They are a retelling and reinvention, we are told on the back of the books. of tales told to the author by his father and other family members about out-port Newfoundland and the Labrador fishery of a half-century ago. "It's a love letter to a world and a way of life that has vanished completely in the last fifty years. All of it is true. Even the lies." Because the pieces concern life in the Newfoundland of yesteryear, unless you are familiar with Newfoundland and her history, you might think there isn't much here to interest you. You would be mistaken. Like the very best writing anywhere, in any form, Crummey's writing draws so complete an experience -- to read the rest of the review, please go to In Praise of BooksThanks.