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Raylan: A Novel

Raylan - Elmore Leonard As a crime writer, Elmore Leonard is certainly a step above the average. He is known for his quirky characters, a razor-sharp style and terse, funny dialogue. And that's all here. It's a highly stylized piece that could only be written by Leonard. So that, as far as it goes, is all great. The problem I had with the book is that I found Raylan unconvincing. I don't know what his motivations are for anything, and although there were hints about deeper relationships, they were not on the page. Is this book the middle part of a series? Perhaps. If so, I expect it may suffer as a stand alone. If not, it has bigger problems. This seems like a fair beginning for a much larger work -- a series of vignettes desired to inspire the actual novel. I have watched, with pleasure, the television series inspired by this book, and can only assume the writers of that work either new far more than I, as a reader, am being told, or else they made up what isn't between the covers of the novel.