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The Meagre Tarmac

The Meagre Tarmac - Clark Blaise Clark Blaise is a Canadian writer living in the United States, married to Bharti Mukerjeee, also a writer, and Blaise has spent a great deal of time in India. Much of his work is concerned with questions of immigration, identity and exile and just what 'home' means. In THE MEAGRE TARMAC, a novel of linked short stories, Blaise explores these questions again, dealing here with the lives, desires, disappointments and dreams of Indo-Americans.In lessor hands, a non-Indian's writing about the internal lives of Indians (and much of the book is internal) would be considered unseemly, but Blaise is so good at it, so insightful and compassionate that the question is entirely moot. He writes about people you feel he knows at least at as well as he knows himself. Many of the characters in these stories are professionally successful, even as their personal lives, and their sense of meaning, disintegrates. One does not have to be Indian to recognize the alienation, longing and loneliness of these people, which Blaise so beautifully and compassionately reveals. These characters are on journey's inward. They are taking stock of their lives, of their failings, of their illusions and their hopes. Blaise's previous books, which you can find here: http://www.clarkblaise.com/p/books.html have covered similar ground, in different locales, but nobody does it better. His prose is wonderful, his vision clear, his perspective at once deeply moving and yet utterly unsentimental. I have no idea why he doesn't have a broader readership and a big whacking US publisher behind him. He certainly deserves such attention.