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Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim, Book One

Angel Time - Anne Rice In the text the main character, "Lucky" a repentant government hit man, says he wrote this book in two weeks. It feels as though Rice took no more time or care.Cliched, with a plot so predictable you can skip ten pages at a time and not miss a thing, sloppy prose and with enormous credibility issues, this book was a tremendous disappointment. I will suspend disbelief long enough to believe in angels and time travel, but not so far that popping into the middle ages from the 21st century leaves no psychological mark, not even a whiff of discombobulation. And isn't it convenient that the angel-in-charge is able to outfit him, grant him language skills and knowledge of local customs, but can't seem to sort out earthly problems.... just not buying it. The vampires were more credible.