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The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein If I were in a worse mood, I might have given the book 2 stars, and were I in a truly generous mood (a mood wherein I was felt inclined to praise a book because I like the subject matter), I might have gone to 3.5 stars. As it is, feeling objective and calm -- 3 stars it is. I suspect I might be in the minority here. Friends have raved about this book -- albeit friends whose lives revolve around dogs in one way or another. Still, I adore my dog in a way some people find irritating (I post photos, for example, on FB, hire a very price dog sitter to stay with my dog should I be gone for more than 4 hours at a time, and have been known to burst into tears at the mere thought of his passing), so I count myself among the canine-crazy.I wish that had been enough to make me love this book, and it's not that I truly disliked it, but I did feel it was sentimental, maudlin and quite sloppily written. I simply couldn't suspend disbelief enough to buy into the dog-educated-by-television premise. Documentaries on the Tibetan Book of the Dying apparently persuaded our hero he shall one day be reincarnated as a man. Really? Gag. And that, of course, broadcasts the sappy ending from nearly the first pages. I think, quite frankly, the dog deserved better. Having said that, it earns 3 stars rather than two because I think the author tried awfully hard and seemed sincere, and that deserves a pat on the head.