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The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars - Steven Brust This is the first of Brust's books I've read, although it certainly won't be the last. He's a prolific writer, mostly in the sci-fic/fantasy genre, and I understand this book is a bit of a departure for him. It succeeds. It's an innovative and informative novel that weaves together an examination of how five emerging artists (who share a studio) work together and perceive the creative process, as well as a Hungarian fairy tale concerning Csucskari, a taltos (priest-magician) on a journey to find the sun, moon and stars and place them in the empty heavens. The art-studio tale is narrated by Greg, and the voice is lovely -- funny and candid and sincere. We follow his thoughts as he works on a huge classicaly-inspired painting. He ponders what makes art what it is, technique, and authenticity. He maps the mental stages of creativity with a delightful lack of pretension. Both characters, Csucskari and Greg, are on quests and each battle their own dragons. It's wonderfully told and thought provoking. Brust's voice is fluid and engaging. Recommended.