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The Interpretation of Fairy Tales

The Interpretation of Fairy Tales - Marie-Louise von Franz Marie-Louise von Franz is considered by many to be the heir of C.G. Jung. She's written a number of books on dreams, synchronicity, myths, alchemy and here, the interpretation of fairy tales. Although it took me perhaps 50 pages to get used to her writing style, which is a bit bombastic at times, her analysis is thorough and thought-provoking. Her insights are backed up by a lifetime of scholarship and research. I found my own understanding of folk and fairy tale symbols, themes and motifs significantly enlarged and deepened. I won't read the old tales the same way again. My only criticism is that her brief discussion of the 'animus' seemed like a foot-note to the book-long examination of the 'anima' and the 'shadow.' This weights the work in favor of the male psyche and I would have liked more examples and more discussion of the female psyche. Having said that, her analysis of The Three Feathers, Prince Ring and several other tales are terrific. Recommended.