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The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death

The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death - David Shields, Bradford Morrow Editors Shields (The Thing About Life Is One Day You'll Be Dead) and Morrow (The Diviner's Tale) asked 20 writers to write about death and "speak about the unspeakable." The essays range widely from blow-flies to widowhood to 'ghost bikes' to cemeteries and even pornography. The tones and responses are as varied as the authors themselves -- funny, grotesque, honest, mournful, reflective. The list of authors is impressive: Diane Ackerman, Mark Doty, Jonathan Safran, Geoff Dyer, Annie Dillard, Joyce Carol Oates, Christopher Sorrentina to name a few. . . each ponder the inevitability of death, the cost of it, how it hangs over our heads, stalks us, creates us. It is a moving collection, sometimes comforting, sometimes disturbing, and entirely worthwhile.