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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride If asked, I generally say the world DOES NOT NEED another book about werewolves (or vampires or zombies...). Then my friend (yes, disclaimer here, I consider Lish a friend) wrote a young adult novel about necromancers (well, werewolves, too, but the main character raises the dead.) I hadn't considered necromancers. And I hadn't considered what Lish McBride's delightfully irreverent perspective on the world would do to the rather-bloated genre. Oh, how her much-needed sense of humor adds to the mix! She is also a fine wordsmith -- precise, clear and with a fantastic ear for dialogue. In short, this is a rollicking good tale, with a graveyard full of belly laughs. I highly recommend this book and look forward to what I hope will be the next installment.