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The Heavy Bear - Tim Bowling
Really lovely. Bowling, who is a well-respected poet, brings his talent for writing beautiful sentences to the novel, with delightful results. The story of a man named Tim Bowling (yes, the author names the protagonist after himself) at the author's age (50), questioning meaning as he wanders the streets haunted by the ghosts of the past century, embodied by Buster Keaton and Delmore Schwartz. And a girl. And a monkey. 

You can see what sort of book this is, can't you? 

Now, I'm not entirely sure this book will be for everyone -- it helps to be as big a fan of Buster Keaton as I am since a good deal of the book is a sort of love song to the tragic-faced star of silent films. There is at least as much cultural-commentary as there is plot. Perhaps more. Not to mention Delmore Schwartz (the heavy bear). 

But, if you enjoy a thoughtful, meditative, melancholic and deeply intelligent read, this just might be the book for you.