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True North

Boundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Northwest Passage by Winter, Kathleen (2014) Hardcover - Kathleen Winter

An absolutely wonderful book. Kathleen Winters approaches her voyage into the high Arctic more as a spiritual seeker than your typical travel writer. She longs for an experience of landscape, rather than an intellectual examination of it. Her combination of history, geography, travelogue, memoir and poetics makes for a captivating and compulsively readable book. Not only that, it makes the reader reconsider what landscape is, what the names we have different places say about our relationship to them, and the people of that land. At times funny, touching, inspiring and provocative, this is a book that won't fail to leave you thinking about your own landscape in a new way, and, if you're anything like me, trying to figure out how I can find my way onto a ship heading due north.